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Membership Committee
Goal: To increase MBITE and NBEA/NCBEA membership.

Promote renewals and continuing commitment to Business Education and MBITE-Establish regional membership directories

  • Explore new methods to recruit and maintain members
  • Conduct periodic follow-up activities of non-members
  • Establish a membership committee at the state level to assist and advise each division in its efforts to recruit members

Assist in membership promotion in each MBITE division.

  • Appoint a membership director for each division
  • Review past membership lists to determine the number of members in each division Use this data to set goals for each division for membership renewal.
  • Determine which division(s) has met and/or surpassed the goal and which division had the highest percentage of goal achievement
  • Work with the Awards Committee and the MBITE President to arrange for the presentation of awards for highest percentage of goal and for achieving 100% of goal.
  • Submit written reports to the Executive/Administrative Board

Increase NBEA membership in Minnesota to reach or surpass the national membership goal

  • Write/contact non-renewing NBEA members inviting them to renew NBEA membership
  • Prepare and mail (or email) a packet of information about NCBEA to each divisional membership chair with list of non-renewing members to target each month.
  • Set up an NBEA exhibit at the 2002 Fall Convention
  • Apply to NBEA for the promotional reimbursement available to Minnesota
  • Maintain and update the database of all business educators in Minnesota based on regional directories.

Legislative Committee
Goal: To keep abreast with the state legislature and with issues related to business education.

Specific Strategies

  • Improve the position of business education’s lobbying effort.
  • Work with the Publications Committee to write and publish articles informing members what they can do to assist and support lobbying efforts.

Staff Development Committee
Goal: Look for projects that are not only of service and benefit for our members but also generate income for MBITE.

MBITE Professional Development Chair, Lynn O’Driscoll

Current Ideas

  • A+
  • JAVA
  • CISCO Networking
  • Programming
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing
  • Sports Management Workshop
  • Methods of Teaching (book with lesson plans, etc.)
  • Minnetonka Vantage Program

Publications Committee
Goal: The publications committee is responsible for the MBITE BusEd Bits newsletter, website, Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like more information on any of these publications please contact the publications committee chair at mbeionline@gmail.com.

Membership/Member Relations Committee
Goal: Improve the relationship in business education in Minnesota with NCBEA, NBEA, and the public.

Work with teacher education institutions to maintain good public relations

  • Conduct public relations activities for MBEI
  • Arrange for a photo of the MBEI Executive/Administrative Board and convention photographs to be taken at the Fall Convention
  • Distribute copies of these pictures to the professional publications

Submit articles about MBITE activities for publication to Publications Chair.

  • Work with Awards Committee so that MBITE award winners are announced in the professional publications and state media
  • Develop a list of recommendations concerning ways to improve MBITE’s public relations activities and submit the list to the Executive/Administrative board winter meeting
  • Prepare a yearly calendar of activities for MBITE and publish this information in the December issue of MBITE in Action

Have an official MBITE representative in attendance at each division meeting

  • Attend the two MBITE sponsored conventions/conferences

Improve relations with business and other institutions

  • Determine a list of possible business/industry contacts
  • Make initial contact to determine the feasibility of establishing an on-going relationship
  • Follow through with positive contacts